Thursday, September 30, 2004


When the opposing candidate is a character like John Kerry, you have to repeat...repeat...repeat...repeat that indeed "America is safer with Saddam out of power." Unfortunately, Kerry has taken so many positions on absolutely every issue, repetition is one's only hope to try to get him to stick with the right issue. "America is safer with Saddam out of power. America is safer with Saddam out of power. America is safer with Saddam out of power." Perhaps the debates would be more interesting if John Kerry stuck with one issue and subjected himself to a firm decision. But no... that would leave an open door for someone to disagree with him, and he can't have that. He'd rather sacrifice his principles and beliefs for a "global agreement," whatever that is. Perhaps it is outlined in his four point plan.

By the way, does anyone know his four point plan? Does he know what his four point plan is? He did say that the details can be found on his website. I didn't find them at his website. However, I have a strong feeling that the only detailed plan John Kerry is aware of is the one located at Of course, he cannot admit that because it would clearly underline that he is unfit for command. Unfit for command. Unfit for command.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Media Bias vs. Media Corruption

Although most of us will not admit it, at least publicly, we all know that media contituents are biased. All reporters lean one way or another as it relates to the subjects and/or people they cover. Mainstream media leans to the left, while the alternative media, such as talk radio leans to the right. Whether it be in politics, music, film, or the fashion industry, the media has its favorites and often makes it known. Of course, for appearances of objectivity, most take painstaking measures to hide it. Although some are better at hiding it than others, seldom is their bias undetectable. For example, reporters often reflect their preferences for certain CEOs, politicians, actors, singers, or musicians in articles or news pieces by writing favorable articles about them or "product placing" them in feel-good news pieces to which viewers would be most receptive. Conversely, the individuals that media likes the least are given adverse coverage, if any at all. That is media bias.

Unfortunately, today most of the news rooms have gone from media bias, to engaging in media corruption. While media bias is a breach of the fundamental journalistic standards that may lead to loss of the public trust, media corruption is the use of criminal devices to manipulate or defraud the public, and destroys our societal moral fabric.

With the proliferation of technological advances, and subsequent increased ambitions on the global socio-political/economic platform, so too have the ambitions in newsrooms across the nation increased. No longer do media journalists prioritize source accuracy and reliability in news reporting over ratings. News sources are now competing for popularity, high ratings and advertising dollars. With full access and control of the news outlets that reach the masses, and no one to "answer to," media has ceased to be reliable tools for information, but become powerful tools for fraud and manipulation. Unthinkable as it once was, today journalists fabricate stories, create fraudulent documents to pass them off as evidentiary facts, and for personal gain even collude with elements of society to sabotage rivals, hurt their enemies, and control the masses. Right or wrong, they do whatever pleases them.

Who wouldn't? Given the tenets of the press, they can make up "undisclosed sources", fabricate stories of events that never happened, slander/ liabel individuals, engage in every level of criminality, and in the name of journalism
arrogantly invoke the protections of the profession, make millions, and become "red carpet stars."

Thursday, September 16, 2004

It's An Accurate Forgery!

The next time forged documents are deemed inadmissible evidence in a court case, the attorney ought to vehemently invoke Dan Rather's defense, and argue "Your Honor, forgery but accurate! Therefore, these highly unreliable forged documents should be admissible as evidence."

Obviously, I'm being facetious, but the antics in which Dan Rather of CBS' 60 Minutes has engaged, are no less than deplorable, if not criminal. Recently, Dan Rather ran a story based on fradulent memos on which the signature of Lt. Col. Killian was forged. At least as much about the memos was communicated to the top brass of CBS. Based on the unauthentication of the memos, competitor networks adviced against the story. Even Lt. Col. Killian's typist Marian Carr Knox confirmed that the memos were fakes. Still, CBS opted to run the story.

Given the overwhelming backlash at CBS' and Dan Rather's involvement and their unwillingness to recant, they issued a statement in defense of their story. Instead, they embraced the sentiments of Lt. Col. Killian's former typist, "Memos on Bush Are Fake but Accurate." While they initially rejected Mrs. Knox's position about the authenticity of the memos, only after the backlash, did CBS embrace Mrs. Knox's statement. Moreover, CBS' Rather rejected the interviews with Lt. Col. Killian's widow and son, even though they offered very pertinent information: Lt. Col. Killian was not given to copious notes. While very likely that Mrs. Knox would have been privy to Lt. Col. Killian's voiced thoughts about then Lt. George Bush, her statements are hearsay, and based on her political inclinations, may be suppositions, if not impositions. We don't accept hearsay as reliable evidence in court, nor do we accept it as reliable source for news.

Fellow Americans, this country is not a 'sling-shot' operation. This a country governed by laws. Our society works because, and only because, we are a people ruled by law. When a document has been forged, everything about that document, including but not limited to its format, content, and intent, is highly unreliable.

Signing Off...

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

George Bush Kept His Focus

President Bush remained focus throughout all the bashing periods: the primaries, media campaigns, democratic convention, Farenheit 911 release, etc. He always said he wanted to reduce taxes , encourage small business owners, give incentives to middle class, stay the course in the war, leave no child behind in education, and stand up for America every time. And folks! That's exactly what he's done, and continues to do. I don't agree with everything he does but there is no question that he is BEST for America. When the 9/11 attacks were upon America, he hurt with America, he cried with the people, and promised all of us that "the terrorists would hear from us soon." He has remained steadfast and loyal, and you can't buy that quality. Just ask John Kerry.

But no, don't ask John Kerry because he just may give you two or three answers.

What Disaster These Hurricanes Have Created

I wonder how many people have been affected. I here about a few deaths here and ther but I'm sure there's got to be more

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