Thursday, September 30, 2004


When the opposing candidate is a character like John Kerry, you have to repeat...repeat...repeat...repeat that indeed "America is safer with Saddam out of power." Unfortunately, Kerry has taken so many positions on absolutely every issue, repetition is one's only hope to try to get him to stick with the right issue. "America is safer with Saddam out of power. America is safer with Saddam out of power. America is safer with Saddam out of power." Perhaps the debates would be more interesting if John Kerry stuck with one issue and subjected himself to a firm decision. But no... that would leave an open door for someone to disagree with him, and he can't have that. He'd rather sacrifice his principles and beliefs for a "global agreement," whatever that is. Perhaps it is outlined in his four point plan.

By the way, does anyone know his four point plan? Does he know what his four point plan is? He did say that the details can be found on his website. I didn't find them at his website. However, I have a strong feeling that the only detailed plan John Kerry is aware of is the one located at Of course, he cannot admit that because it would clearly underline that he is unfit for command. Unfit for command. Unfit for command.


At October 16, 2004 at 7:55 AM, Blogger jagz said...

Donno how my dear fried see "SADHAM IS OUT AMERICA IS SAFER". It's like saying Great wall of China protected China from invaders. It was with the wall the rulers created a mass histeria among the citizens of being attacked at any time. The defence of Great wall was breached by great Mangols with ease.

Now what Terrorisom, Sadham had no role in it. He was brutal for some its obvious. Let me ask something, Isn't there more brutal dictators in the world to be dealt with. Now we know, those dictators are ally's and don't have a Oil underground like Iraq. So why waste money in all bullys. right.

To get the Brutal dictator out! just conduct a survey among the world now, If you believe in democracy that much, Yeah. Mr.Bush is the greatest threat to the world peace than any one on earth at present. Yeah its time for a Regime change in US. Voters.... you can do it. NOW or NEVER.

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