Wednesday, September 15, 2004

George Bush Kept His Focus

President Bush remained focus throughout all the bashing periods: the primaries, media campaigns, democratic convention, Farenheit 911 release, etc. He always said he wanted to reduce taxes , encourage small business owners, give incentives to middle class, stay the course in the war, leave no child behind in education, and stand up for America every time. And folks! That's exactly what he's done, and continues to do. I don't agree with everything he does but there is no question that he is BEST for America. When the 9/11 attacks were upon America, he hurt with America, he cried with the people, and promised all of us that "the terrorists would hear from us soon." He has remained steadfast and loyal, and you can't buy that quality. Just ask John Kerry.

But no, don't ask John Kerry because he just may give you two or three answers.


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