Thursday, September 16, 2004

It's An Accurate Forgery!

The next time forged documents are deemed inadmissible evidence in a court case, the attorney ought to vehemently invoke Dan Rather's defense, and argue "Your Honor, forgery but accurate! Therefore, these highly unreliable forged documents should be admissible as evidence."

Obviously, I'm being facetious, but the antics in which Dan Rather of CBS' 60 Minutes has engaged, are no less than deplorable, if not criminal. Recently, Dan Rather ran a story based on fradulent memos on which the signature of Lt. Col. Killian was forged. At least as much about the memos was communicated to the top brass of CBS. Based on the unauthentication of the memos, competitor networks adviced against the story. Even Lt. Col. Killian's typist Marian Carr Knox confirmed that the memos were fakes. Still, CBS opted to run the story.

Given the overwhelming backlash at CBS' and Dan Rather's involvement and their unwillingness to recant, they issued a statement in defense of their story. Instead, they embraced the sentiments of Lt. Col. Killian's former typist, "Memos on Bush Are Fake but Accurate." While they initially rejected Mrs. Knox's position about the authenticity of the memos, only after the backlash, did CBS embrace Mrs. Knox's statement. Moreover, CBS' Rather rejected the interviews with Lt. Col. Killian's widow and son, even though they offered very pertinent information: Lt. Col. Killian was not given to copious notes. While very likely that Mrs. Knox would have been privy to Lt. Col. Killian's voiced thoughts about then Lt. George Bush, her statements are hearsay, and based on her political inclinations, may be suppositions, if not impositions. We don't accept hearsay as reliable evidence in court, nor do we accept it as reliable source for news.

Fellow Americans, this country is not a 'sling-shot' operation. This a country governed by laws. Our society works because, and only because, we are a people ruled by law. When a document has been forged, everything about that document, including but not limited to its format, content, and intent, is highly unreliable.

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